what to do about scam text messages

Well, two minutes after I completed the post about scams in general, a scam text arrived on my mobile! I decided to try out the Action Fraud site.

For info the text was from +447548018526 and read “Freee Msg; Our records indicate you may be entitled to £3750 for the accident you had. To apply free reply CLAIM to this message. To opt out text STOP.”

Hmm – clicked on “report a fraud” and the first question is ‘is the fraud happening now?”. “Yes”, I answered – the site immediately displayed “Call 999 and ask for the Police”.

I didn’t. I went back and said “No”, to see if I got a less dramatic option. I then got some ethnicity and diversity questions which I duly completed. Then a page asking about the victim’s location, gender etc. At this point I gave up – I want to report an attempted and not an actual fraud.

After a brief look (remember this is a facility to conveniently report something) I decided that the person who wrote the website did not have a simple reporting process in mind. I used the Action Fraud search box for “report scam text”, which seemed as good as any term. Amongst the many relies was a link to the PhonepayPlus organisation, who had a nice big box into which I could type the originating number. It drew a blank but lacked a useful “add a new scam number” facility, like you can get on saynoto0870.com, which is great for finding real phone numbers and avoiding 0870 ones.

What now? Well, I’ve got work to do but am disappointed that if money is being spent on regulation there is no simple way to report the numerous scam texts which come through. Perhaps there is scope for a site?

Do reply to this post with the numbers of any text scams you receive, at least they will be collected somewhere!