Arts Project Earth Grant Funding

The Arts Project Earth grant

This is a grant for charitable organisations working on projects that are directly related to climate change mitigation, adaptation or awareness-raising from all over the world.

Notes about the grant funding

The size of grants given by APE depend on the total funding available, the number of applications and the strength of the project. To date, grants have been in the range of £500 to £20,000.

The Artists Project Earth Grant is provided and administered by The Artists Project Earth (APE) and is available for Third Sector Organisations (TSOs) active in the UK.

The scheme is intended to support charitable originations undertaking projects and awareness raising initiatives to combat climate change and raise funds for natural disaster relief.

The scheme aims to create a better world by bringing the power of music and the arts to 21st century challenges.

Application Deadline: 31 March 2013 (midnight), or on receipt of the first 100 applications, whichever is first.

Key Funding Criteria

The scheme is open to organisations such as non-governmental organisations (NGOs), registered charities and academic institutions.

Organisations should be working:

  • To prevent the causes of climate change.
  • To defend communities and ecosystems against the impacts of climate change.
  • To support and build resilience for communities affected by natural disasters.

These are broad topics and may include, among other things, projects that:

  • Create awareness of the causes, impacts and solutions to climate change.
  • Create political and social awareness of the need for rapid change and preparation.
  • Lead to the adoption of low carbon technologies and lifestyles.
  • Prepare vulnerable communities and ecosystems for climate impacts.
  • Protect ecosystems at risk from climate change.

APE has created a new category for funding called ‘Inspiring Change’. APE is looking for projects that can make a real difference in the world; projects that show how artistic creativity can come to the aid of our beleaguered planet. Priority will be given to applications that:

  • Combine creative ideas such as art/theatre/music and activism.
  • Ideas for new methods of public participation in creating a more just and sustainable world.
  • Projects that inspire positive changes in people, organisations, businesses and policy-makers.
  • Projects that provide solutions to environmental problems.
  • Projects that create green jobs for young people.

Match Funding Restrictions

APE may partially fund projects and applicants are advised to approach other grant-making organisations. However, applications should not be match funded by any organisation or corporation working for or on behalf of the nuclear, oil, coal or gas industries.

Funding is not available for individuals unless they are working in close partnership with a recognised and accountable organisation.

Applications will not be accepted from previously-funded organisations. Organisations that applied for a project that was not funded may reapply but not for the same project.
Application Procedure

Application forms are available to download from APE’s website. This should be returned by email, along with references from two referees.

Applicants can also send a link to a two minute video to tell APE about the project and enable them to better convey their depth, commitment and passion for the project. Applicants that do not send a video link will not be penalised.

Contact the Artists Project Earth for further information.

Contact details:
Artists Project Earth
P.O. Box 627
OX16 6EZ