Going to Barcamp in Berkshire 7 July 2012

Keeping up to date with developments in computing for your business

I’m looking forward to my first visit to Barcamp Berkshire, to mix a bit more with IT professionals and those interested in pushing the boundaries of computing.

It makes sense to keep up to date with technology. Even if you are not going to be the person doing the programming or installation, it is crazy to be ignorant about what can be done and what is available in terms of computing and other technology for a small business. And with sponsors like Paypal, O2, Bytemark and TechSmith this is a serious audience.

Choose an unfamiliar place to network

Although I may not fully keep up with the delegates, I will be able to appreciate view of IT professionals regarding:

  • what they think are exciting new ideas (rather than what the marketeers want you to think are amazing ideas)
  • what is considered to be more hype than long-term benefit (see above)
  • what they find frustrating (why ask for a system that is unpopular to support?)
  • what they enjoy working on (makes sense if your kind of requirements are satisfying to work on, because you will find suppliers who are keen to help you)
  • what hardware or software is considered to be under-appreciated (because you may get some bargains or get ahead of your competitors by using it to its real potential)

So in my view I will be getting inside information that may be more frank and open than I would get from a trade conference or supplier network. I also expect to make some new friends and contacts and soak up enthusiasm as opposed to sales pitch.

So stretch yourself and consider your networking in a different way.