Practical Workshops

If you believe that good trainer, coach or facilitator will make sure that everyone is engaged in the session and that something will be done better or more efficiently as a result of their involvement, then think about how the contents on this page will bring value to your organisation.

Training and Development

You might need to involve me for a number of reasons:

  • to introduce new people to your methods or processes
  • to improve the way that skills are applied
  • to increase access to blended learning (face-to-face and online material) with a web-based system
  • to prepare employees for another role, or to fill gaps that they have

There is a wealth of material available elsewhere if you want to increase knowledge or skills. Contact me if you want to see your managers or employees consistently apply what they know.

Coaching and Facilitation

Sometimes you want more than a trainer to bring good explanations that everyone can understand.

If you believe that someone has the knowledge they need, but could apply it better and in more complex situations, then group or executive coaching may be the answer. A good coach will enable an individual to use their own resources better and with more confidence, in more situations.

You may have a group of people with the skills and knowledge that is needed, but need a person to focus the collective efforts without bias and with a balance of input from everyone.

I have experience in bringing minds together to a given task, and in helping individuals make the most of applying their talents. Consider working with me or contact me now to discuss the improvements you would like to see in from your colleagues or yourself.