Managing Change

Recognising the Driver for Change

There is such an assumption that you are always implementing or managing change in a business that it is important to pause and understand why it is expected. Perhaps:

  • there are significant technical developments
  • market expectations are changing
  • the competition is doing something different
  • you want to change the public perception of the organisation
  • somebody new to a role wants to make their mark

As an independent outsider I can discuss with you the rationale of the changes you have in mind, and their impact. This provides the reality check and proper measures by which you can assess the costs and benefits on both a human and financial basis.

Change might be expected, but you had better know the reasons for it.

Planning for Change

When you are clear about the costs and benefits of the change you want, you need a plan that will win co-operation and minimise any inconvenience and backward steps.
Until people understand and support your plan they are unlikely to overcome every obstacle to make it work.
Using critical thinking techniques I can help you develop a plan that your colleagues will want to support, and which will have considered potential obstacles.

Managing Change

Pushing people to meet deadlines is often masqueraded as change management.
With workshops or individual coaching I can help everyone understand the benefits and difficulties, and then participate in a process of change.

Good management includes pausing or adapting a plan just as much as tracking progress and quoting schedules.

Consider working with me or contact me now to take the next step towards getting the changes that you want.