What is Coaching (printable)

What does coaching feel like?

When I do it, coaching is about me asking the right questions rather than telling you what you should do ‘from my experience’.

This short quiz demonstrates the kind of questions that may crop up (I do not run to a standard script because you are not standard) – if they provoke thought then call me to explore the issues in more depth.

Simply say yes or no to the following:

  1. Is the business taking you, personally, where you want to be?
  2. Can everyone in the business express and live the business values and goals?
  3. How well do you elicit, encourage and effectively implement new ideas?
  4. When did this last happen?
  5. How close is the business performing to its plans and budgets?
  6. How well do the systems inform you about what is going on?
  7. How quickly and effectively do you respond to variations from the plans?
  8. In the ideal world, how would you get more business?
  9. What would help you, personally become more effective?
  10. What would help you, personally become more satisfied?
  11. How else could your colleagues improve their performance?

“Success depends on the quality of the questions that are asked”

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If you have any questions, contact me on 01256 806596 or info@interweave-now.co.uk to discuss working together. If all the questions seemed easy, do bookmark this page and come back to review it in a few months