Webex Webinars on Debian

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Webex are one of a number of companies who offer a platform for hosting webinars – for interactive teaching, demonstrations and training. The application runs in a browser and is dependent on java and flash – something which many user will have turned off to avoid security, speed or compatibility problems.

Installing in Debian

Linux users are often a bit more circumspect about installing just anything into their browsers, and here is how I got things to work in debian 7 testing (Jessie) 64-bit xcfe:

  1. tried all sorts with native 64-bit and so much conflicted I gave up
  2. set up a 32-bit virtual machine in virtualbox
  3. opened a console and entered sudo aptitude install icedtea-6-plugin flashplugin-nonfree
  4. went to the Webex test meeting page to check the functionality
  5. on the desktop, went to media > mixer > show controls and enabled the mic and master volume


However, it’s a real drag to fire up a vm just to participate in a demo! Contact me if you have come across a better platform for hosting or attending webinars on linux.

Thanks and good luck.