Adding the Epson Stylus Photo RX620 printer to Debian Stable Wheezy

CUPS Printer Driver

I spent a while trying to get this going on a 64-bit machine.

Step 1 – install cups. Open a console and type sudo aptitude install cups cups-client.

Some forums suggested aptitude install cups cups-client which did not work for me. The first thing to remember is that at the moment there is no gui print settings application, so you access CUPS settings from a browser by entering the address from //:localhost:631. Then select administration and at the login window that pops up, you need to use root and the root password. Find printers or add printer did not discover the printer, which was turned on and connected to the USB port.

Epson Download

Tried the downloads from the Epson site and  got dragged into a loop of searches on their site. Eventually I got to a selection listing a load of separate scanner and printer drivers, 32 and 64-bit in rpm and gz form. opting for gz gave me a file but no instructions that made sense, so I gave up


This was by far the simplest solution for me. Open a console:

  • make sure you have done stage 1 above – sudo aptitude install cups cups-client
  • type sudo aptitude install printer-driver-gutenprint ijs gutenprint cups-driver-gutenprint foomatic-db-gutenprint
  • plug in and turn on the printer(s)
  • open a browser and type //:localhost:631 in the address bar. Enter the root name and password, then go to admin > find printers.

For me, two separate Epson all-in-one printers were found and I just followed the default names and used them. So CUPS was very close, but Gutenprint filed in the gap. I have no idea whether this would now work if I uninstalled any of the bits above.