Hello to Barcamp Berkshire

Hi Everyone, thanks for using the QR code.
Like you, I am keen on having fun with IT, making sure that the good ideas get shouted about and the poor ones get improved or dropped.
I’d like to keep in touch to discuss things like simple setups for smaller businesses (preferably open source); making the most of wordpress (especially freelance theme design) and making the most of learning platforms like Moodle.

If you’re a contractor or run a small business, my day job is helping you make everything work for you – from finance to marketing and keeping a quality of life. Feel free to drop me a line with absolutely no obligation.

If you work with larger organisations, I’d love referrals or introductions to anyone who would benefit from developing their ideas better and improving communication between users and project teams (so that the implementation gives the benefits it is meant to and impossible requests are not resorted to). Because I understand business and some of the technical terms, I can help break down any barriers without appearing to take sides.

Here’s the presentation on the Disney Creativity Strategy as described by Robert Dilts. Thanks to those of you who came along and added so much context and enthusiasm to apply it in your situations.

Thanks for reading and for your companionship. I hope you enjoyed Barcamp as well.