Andover Personnel Group

Meeting and LinkedIn presentation

28 November 2012


There is a lot of guidance on the internet and in publications, on how to do things step-by-step on social media and particularly LinkedIn. However, it is not so easy to find out how to evaluate and create a relevant plan for best results for your organisations. Members of the Andover Personnel Group wanted to explore how to form a plan, rather than just diving in and assuming they need to know every feature, so we held a discussion during a meeting.


The discussion was wide-ranging and started with some facts and figures about social media usage, before moving on to ‘what’s in it for us?’ Some of the points that were particularly noteworthy were:

  • the levels of use and demographics of visitors
  • the amount of time people spent (or did not spend) on the various sites
  • how simple it is to input information with almost no validation
  • the impact of employees’ individual profiles to an organisation
  • separating the substance from the background noise


There was no doubt that asking ‘why?’ before ‘how?’ is better than simply diving in because everyone else is. As a result, everyone went home with a series of actions they would take to ensure that their organisations reviewed their social media plans in a considered way.

Although we talked around the slides a great deal, the presentation slides (pdf format) are here for those who want them for review.

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